Here at builders in halifax we have been in business for over 20 years

You searched for a reliable builder in halifax and we’re here to help. We’ve been in business over 20 years so get in touch. For reliable halifax builders services in halifax contact us directly here. You searched the internet for a company local like us because you needed our help, well now you’ve found us. Get in touch HERE – local halifax builders in halifax will build your project in halifax quicker and better than you can yourself. Don’t carry on searching get in touch. We come around and get on with the building project once you book and do a great job as you can see on our reviews on facebook

Picture of a team of builders in halifax on a site cutting wood with a table saw whilst being supervised by a foreman in hi vis jackets

You find us working all across Yorkshire building projects for clients every day of the week, making our clients lives easy as we are a reliable house builder and always go above and beyond. 

Picture of a roofer on a building project lighting a roof felting torch set against a crane in the background  in halifax


Always weigh up the pros and cons of using a service before you buy – you mustn’t just go ahead and jump in. As a result you’ve searched for us first to find out what the benefits are and we’ll tell you.

  1. It’s easier for you – we have the right kit you don’t
  2. You save on the mess – because we always clean up after ourselves
  3. Its quicker – our experience and the right tools count for a lot
  4. The convenience – you simply get on with your business whilst we get on with your build
  5. We’re insured – if anything gets damaged there’s no cost to you
  6. Simple booking – Call us and we book you in or fill out the contact form
  7. You searched us out because you know its a hard job as a result you found us
  8. We’re number 1 in your area
  9. We turn up on time
  10. Our reputation is great

Are you the right builder in halifax for us ?

You won’t be left disappointed, most of our clients are repeat and you will be too. Give us a try today, call us or fill out the contact form here

image of a builder in halifax knelt on a roof tacking down the felt with a hammer in his hand on a project building in halifax